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Young Girl

Oct 7, 2013

when I was about 4 years old me and my babysitter were watching a film on the sofa, the doorway to the stairs was directly to our right hand side. Both of us together at the same time not knowing why, turned our heads to look at the doorway and there was a young girl standing there dressed in a long white nightgown she was so pale, I remember my babysitter jumping up and thats all I remember from that. All my childhood me and my sister felt like we were being watched especially walking up the stairs you seriously felt like someone was walking behind you you could just sense it! In the bathroom too you could feel the eyes on you! My mum always said its in your head you’re imagining it! Years later when I was around 14, I was at a friends house and we decided to do a ouij board as my friends dad had sadly passed away so we wanted to make contact but we didn’t get in contact with him, unfortunately we came in contact with someone else called Linda, she really scared us she was saying she was going to kill my friends dad calling him a b*****d saying she hates him, baring in mind he had already died the glass was moving very fast me and my friend panicked as the glass was spinning round and round we both let go and screamed and ran out of the room! Foolishly a few days later we decided to do it again at MY house and yet again this Linda came forward saying very strange things, we never did it again! Ever since, I felt like she was still there watching me in my room where We Did the ouij board. One night i remember walking passed the stairs and I saw her again the same girl I saw when I was 4 sat on the stairs crying! I was so scared I ran back passed without looking! Other strange things happened things moved wen you knew you put something there, one morning me and my sister both witnessed the remote fly across the bedroom, we were both still in bed no where near it! finally when I was 16 we moved house and my mum finally admitted that you felt like you were being watched in that house she never told us when we were growing up because she didn’t want to scare us! But I live on my own now and for some reason i felt like i had been followed. me and a friend were talking about things one day as her sister is a tarot reader. I told her about Linda as we were talking an orb appeared above us we both saw it and my friend told this Linda if she was there then to leave me alone and that shes not wanted here! Fingers crossed shes gone I definitely feel better since and I haven’t felt any bad atmospheres at home! Lesson leant dont ever do a ouij board as they can bring in bad spirits!

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