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Ye Olde Jolly Sailor

May 4, 2019

My ghost story is I run a pub with my partner in Teignmouth, Devon called Ye Olde Jolly Sailor and we have A LOT of weird things happen here. We’ve not dabbled with photos and seances and that because whoever it is I don’t want to anger them, but every night whilst were locking up the ladies hand dryer turns on by itself, also our coffee machine randomly pours itself a coffee, when were upstairs in our flat we can hear chairs being dragged across the wooden flooring. There’s a lot of history in our pub it’s the oldest in Teignmouth it still has parts standing from the 1100’s and in the 1700’s it survived the French Revolution only because it was the only ale house, and apparently the monks used to hide themselves up in the chimney in the pub. It’s friendly you can sense something behind you when I’m downstairs cleaning on my own but it’s a nice feeling, definitely not a nasty one. So sorry I don’t have pictures but every word I’ve wrote is true you ask anyone of our customers and they all have a different story to tell. Thank you..

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