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Woman in House

Aug 19, 2018

When we first moved into our current house it was incredibly haunted. The washing up rack would frequently throw itself of the worktop and our dog would go mad! things got worse over a few years until both me and my mum started seeing a ghost in our back garden. she was a 19th century maid by the looks of things. and as it turns out there was a big stately home just up the road from us until end of WW1. she started getting closer to the house over a few months and then one night i was home alone and i went to get a drink and she was in my kitchen! slightly faint with a fuzzy atmosphere around her. i was only 11 at the time and i nearly passed out! but i ran out the house screaming and crying.

After that my mum got a priest round to perform an exorcise. he said that there was a very powerful dark presence in our house and that the ghost had latched on to the house. in the end he managed to lay her to rest and 10 years on our house is fine.

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