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Unhomely Home

Aug 12, 2015

Hi my names jamie, i live with my fiancee and 3 children we live in a 3bed house and since we have lived here the house just don’t feel very homely you always feel like you’re being watched all the time and see things shoot by from the corner of your eye, and see shadows on walls and have cold spots in some rooms. we have had a few things happen we sat one night on the sofa in the lounge and we heard something rub on the door so i turn to look and i see a shadow on the wall of a small hand i open the door and nobody was there children were in bed….? another time the childrens bedroom is above the lounge, we sent our 3 year old daughter to bed few hours later we sent our other child to bed she is 7 years old she gets to the top of the stairs and says that she can here her sister playing with one of them football table games and we could hear someone playing it from the lounge. we went up to tell her to get in bed and she was tucked up in bed fast asleep snoring…

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