• Fri. Dec 2nd, 2022

Twin Paranormal – The Demon that Remembers Me – The Cobb Mansion – Spirit Talker App

Jan 12, 2022

We returned to the most haunted place we know of in hopes of finishing what we started a year ago, will we finally get answers this time or will we still be left wondering?!

The Cobb Mansion:

This place was once home to 4 families over the last century, built on land once scorched by a great fire, this mansion has become a place of great peace and tranquility but also one that is soaked in energies both good and bad. We had investigated this mansion once before but were left with only questions, we captured some very compelling evidence on camera but had no names or reason behind this activity. Now almost a year later we have decided to return in hopes of finding out why this place is so active and who exactly is behind all of these stories being told. For decades people have visited this place and seen or experienced some crazy things, music playing out of nowhere, sounds and smells that have no origin, even sightings of full bodied apparitions with a few lucky people saying they have even had a full conversation with them. This is one of the most haunted mansions we have ever stepped foot in and we are back.

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