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Tom the Spirit Guide

Oct 7, 2018

When I was younger, I was experiencing all things in my room. From hearing my name to one day I swear I saw a figure of a little noy staring at me. I got my mum to go to a medium and it turns out I have a 14 year old spirit guide called tom from the Victorian times. We moved house, and I didmt experience anything for a while, until one night I was getting my bag ready for school the next day, and could of sworn I felt someone sit on mt bed. I just ignored it. When I then get into bed, I heard a massive crash. I ram into my mum’s room crying and she was fast asleep. The next morning I went into my room to see what the crash was, it was my homework planner opened on a day where my homework was meant to be handed in that day and I had forgotten to do it. This may sound like I mistakenly done it, but my bag was buttoned and zipped up. There is no way it could of fallen out. Thanks tom, you saved me a detention!!

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