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The Old Pipe Work Pub

Dec 7, 2013

I have a story! I used to work in a pub which was made from an old pipeworks factory, so it was an old building with a lot of history. A lady who i worked with wasn’t a medium but she was into spiritual stuff and had her own ouija board, so one evening they did a seance together after the pub had shut. No one knew the history until a man came through, who spelled the word ‘pushed’. Another spelled the word cellar. After they did some investigating and found that one man was murdered. When the original building was being built, he was pushed off a ledge of scaffolding and fell to his death. They also found that there was a suicide at the location. After the pipeworks factory closed down the building was abandoned, but no efforts were made to stop trespassers. A man took this opportunity and hung himself inside the building, in the location of where the cellar was built. I had my own experiences and the one i wont forget is when i was working one tuesday afternoon and it was generally quiet. There was me and another girl on the bar. The stairs leading down to the cellar are hollow and when it was such a quiet day it is easy to hear footsteps going up and down them. I heard them first, and i thought it was my manager because he often ran up the stairs and was quite loud. They stopped and after a pause the running footsteps happened again and me and my colleague both heard them. Needless to say we checked and there was no one down there.
Another time, the colleague that is into ghosts was in the cellar grabbing some things to stock the bar with and she wears blind that she saw a hand in the corner of her eye come out to catch her as she lost her footing.
It isn’t just staff that have picked up on it, i remember one of the regulars who would stand at the bar with his bitter and one day looked up at the ceiling. The ceiling had windows installed so you could see up into the original rafters of the building, and one day the regular piped up and asked how you get ‘upstairs’ – he was told that the pub is only one floor, but he had seen a figure walking around the rafters lol spooky!

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