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The Mushroom Tunnel

Oct 30, 2015

Buried deep in the hills behind the New South Wales country town of Picton in Australia lies a disused railway tunnel. Officially called the Redbank Range Tunnel, locals call it the Mushroom Tunnel. It was built in the 1860s to take the railway from Picton to Mittagong. When a new line was built it was left idle until the 2nd world war when it was used to store ammunition. After the war ended it was used to grow mushrooms, hence its nickname ‘The Mushroom Tunnel’ In 1916 a middle aged woman named Emily Bollard lived near the tunnel. Her brother lived on the family farm on the other side of the hill. Rather than climb the hill to visit, Emily would shortcut through the tunnel.

One Sunday afternoon Emily set off to visit her brother. Unfortunately Emily forgot to look at the railway train time table. Halfway through the tunnel she met a train. She was killed instantly and her body carried on the front of the train into Picton. In the years that followed, reports were made of a woman acting strangely in the tunnel. It is believed by locals that Emily still walks the tunnel.

In the last year, I have been conducting ghost hunts in Picton, New South Wales, Australia and the tunnel is one of the sites we visit. We have experienced some pretty scary happenings here. Quite often lights and or shadows will be seen running up and down the sides of the tunnel. Bright star-like lights will flash at us as we walk through. One night the group was watching four stragglers walking up the tunnel with their torches. Suddenly a fifth light appeared behind them but when the group joined the main party the fifth light disappeared. Those four people all felt someone had been following them but when they turned they saw nothing. One night a woman’s clothes began to blow as if she was in a gale. No one else’s clothes were moving.

Another time I saw a black shadow move up the tunnel towards us. I was terrified, too terrified to move. It passed me and suddenly a woman on the tour began to scream. We put our lights on and she claimed the shadow had come and stood in front of her. When the lights came on there was a large empty circle in front of her where the shadow had been.

One night on the way up to the tunnel the group split into three. The first group was in the tunnel when the second group heard an engine and saw lights approaching up the track. They moved aside thinking a large truck was coming but nothing appeared. When the third group arrived they had not seen anything. A vehicle could not have been that close without them seeing. Was it a ghost train?
A couple of weeks ago a woman began to totally freak out and we had to carry her from the tunnel. She claimed a woman in white had come and stood in front of her.

We always have some strange experience in there. Even in the daytime, there is a eerie presence

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