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The Alamo Ghosts

Jan 16, 2011

The Battle of the Alamo is one of the most famous moments of the Texas Revolution, and the missionary site that is the battle?s namesake has since become one of the most legendary war memorials in the US. Incidentally, it?s also one of the most haunted. Stories of Alamo ghosts got their start almost immediately after the battle, when a Mexican general sent to demolish the building was said to have encountered six robed ghosts that brandished fiery swords and threatened his life if he touched the site.

As years went by, rumors of Alamo hauntings grew in variety: People witnessed spirits of Texan soldiers who fought the battle and eerie, inhuman shapes emerging from the building after hours. Perhaps the most famous of the supposed ghosts is the so-called Alamo Sentry, a usually invisible ghost soldier whose heavy footsteps patrol the building?s roof on rainy nights.

Incidentally, this is an particularly impressive feat for the ?ancient spirit? since the Alamo didn?t have a walkable roof until quite recently.

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