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Drum Castle Ghost

STAFF at a 700-year-old Scottish castle believe they have captured a ghost on camera. The spooky image was recorded on the motion-activated webcam at Drum Castle, Aberdeenshire. The National Trust…

Most convincing ghost picture ever taken?

It is claimed this image captured by photographer Mark Baker is one of the most convincing ghost images ever captured on camera. It was taken in Guilford, UK near Mount…

Police Case “Demonic Possession”

Official reports seem to back up the story of a woman in Indiana who claims her children were possessed. The strange series of events took place at the home of…

Ghost in Fireplace

can you see it?

Devils Den

Devils Den in Gettysburg is one of the most haunted spots on the battlefield. It is a rocky area full of massive boulders that really does look like a lion’s…