• Sat. Nov 26th, 2022



This was taken after my mother in law passed away I had just changed the room around took this picture and spotted this orb

Nephew and Daughter

This is a picture of my nephews and my daughter in the middle!! Could you tell me n e thing from this please as I’ve been told by a spiritualist…

Strange picture

Can this be explained maybe I moved while I took the pic it was a few years ago at an abandoned village of warram Percy North Yorkshire ??

Face in the Window

Hi, just wanted to share a photo with you that I received from my cousin a few days ago! After their troublesome neighbours moving out, they left a very eery…

Daily Mail

Our famous ghost child picture that went viral in 2015

Picture in a Cemetry

Taken by Debbie McNew in a Cemetry. Copyright Debbie McNew

Famous Monk

Probably 1 of the most famous ghosts pictures there is! In the summer of 1954, Reverend K.F. Ford was taking pictures of his church that is located in England. While…

Abandoned Cottage

I took this picture of an abandoned cottage a few months ago. Left middle window. There is a face. Oh yeah and some freaky ass doll, ignore that.

Ghost in the trees .

I would like anybodys views on this picture ..:)

Lady Figure

Just been going through my pictures since I saw this page to see If I could see anything on any of them and only noticed like a lady in a…

Ghost on Stairs

Famous Picture of Ghost on Stairs

Boy on Grandfather

This is a picture of my son sitting on his grandfathers lap as you can see there something In the front of them when I put the picture on my…

Red Face

This picture was taken in the basement of our shop, just before we moved premises. We took the picture to put on our Facebook page, it was only later that…

Mans Face?

Ive blanked my daughters face but i took this picture and as i did she jumped up. Is it me or is that a mans face nxt to her?? She…

Ghost in House Renovation Photo

Was renovating my house and i took a picture to show what I had done and there was a ghostly image that came out

Wedding Boy

One of my friends mother on her wedding day can you see the little boy on the left of the picture