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Snapchatting in a Car

Casually snapchatting my mate whilst in a car and to the top left of the picture it looks like a boys face, yeah you can blame it on light but…

Ghost in the Wardrobe

Hiya, I took this picture on my iPhone quite a while back. I had two cats who were fighting in my wardrobe. So I decided to take a pic (as…

Ghost in old Farm House

The owner of Spotted: Ghosts was at an old farmhouse, randomly taking pictures and he managed to catch this. I do not know what it is, my only conclusion is…


Took a picture of a cellar in a huge stately home, and this orb appeared?

Unexplainable orb?

Small orb in the middle of this picture from a walk we did recently could be something on the lense but i cant explain it


This was taken after my mother in law passed away I had just changed the room around took this picture and spotted this orb

My Grandad?

My nanna gave me a picture of her and my grandad on their wedding day as I never met him so I placed it on my bedside table slightly diagonal…

Nephew and Daughter

This is a picture of my nephews and my daughter in the middle!! Could you tell me n e thing from this please as I’ve been told by a spiritualist…

Strange picture

Can this be explained maybe I moved while I took the pic it was a few years ago at an abandoned village of warram Percy North Yorkshire ??

Face in the Window

Hi, just wanted to share a photo with you that I received from my cousin a few days ago! After their troublesome neighbours moving out, they left a very eery…

Daily Mail

Our famous ghost child picture that went viral in 2015

Picture in a Cemetry

Taken by Debbie McNew in a Cemetry. Copyright Debbie McNew

My Cousin

I have a story , I didn’t believe in anything like the after death etc. My cousin got killed in 2012 in a car crash , very upsetting as I…

Famous Monk

Probably 1 of the most famous ghosts pictures there is! In the summer of 1954, Reverend K.F. Ford was taking pictures of his church that is located in England. While…

Packing up at The PictureDrome

Abandoned Cottage

I took this picture of an abandoned cottage a few months ago. Left middle window. There is a face. Oh yeah and some freaky ass doll, ignore that. I took…