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Firefighter catches Ghost in Picture of a Blaze

Lady Gaga

This is a picture of lady gaga from a couple of years ago…

Drum Castle Ghost

STAFF at a 700-year-old Scottish castle believe they have captured a ghost on camera. The spooky image was recorded on the motion-activated webcam at Drum Castle, Aberdeenshire. The National Trust…

Ye Olde Jolly Sailor

My ghost story is I run a pub with my partner in Teignmouth, Devon called Ye Olde Jolly Sailor and we have A LOT of weird things happen here. We’ve…

Backyard Ghost

The story behind this image is that of a lady who had seen a ghostly figure in her backyard on numerous occasions. She eventually managed to take this picture. The…

Is this lens flare?

Found this picture, what do you think?

Please help!!

What is going on in my picture???

Most convincing ghost picture ever taken?

It is claimed this image captured by photographer Mark Baker is one of the most convincing ghost images ever captured on camera. It was taken in Guilford, UK near Mount…

Flat in Worcester

Me and my boyfriend share a flat in Worcester and we always have weird, unexplained things go on. We were lay in bed one night and around 4am we were…

Pluckley Kent

Look at this picture as there is a horse and a woman holding a baby.

Crawling Ghost

Took a picture of my kid and it looks like there is a ghost crawling across the floor!

250 Year Old House

Along time ago, when I was still at school and living at home with my Mum in a 250yr old house. One morning Mum had left early for work and…

Kids Grave

I took a picture of my son’s grave to the right of his photo their seems to be a grainy image of a lady, I’ve blanked his name out for…


I would love to share my story with spotted ghosts my oldest son jay committed suicide on 30.04.13 by hanging him self my son jay picture is on the end…

Spooky Wedding Picture DEBUNKED

Pub Ghost

Hi thought you’d like this, it was taken in the lambton arms in Chester le street by the i am VIP photographers so it’s on a hi tech camera, I…