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How does the EMF Meter work in my Apps?

Most smart phones have a Magnetometer sensor built into them. These sensors measure Magnetic Field, or Magnetic Dipole Moment and allows the phone to sense the orientation in space in…

EVP RECORDER – Spotted: Ghosts Android App

** This is a test release – I am currently monitoring this release for bugs ** This is a handy tool to have with you when doing Paranormal Investigations or…

Spirit Talker – Spotted: Ghosts & Haunted Finders Mobile App Collaboration

I was speaking with Haunted Finders and we decided to make an app together. I was going to make 1 of these types of apps anyway and thought it would…


This EMF Detector uses your devices built in Magnetic Sensor. The sensor works by detecting magnetic fields along the x, y, and z axis or your device. The difference is…

Ghost in the Kitchen

In a haunted farmhouse, the owner of Spotted: Ghosts was randomly taking photos. This is what was found when looking through them.

Orbs in Kitchen

Hiya I am a carer for my grandma and I took these photos in her kitchen to find these orbs of light wondered if they are anything also the next…

Orb in the Kitchen

Here is 1 for u, a friend of mine had some strange things going on, I took these 2 pics in his kitchen with the lights out and the flash…


This was taken in the old kitchen at Drakelow Tunnels