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  • Ghost Hunting in a 1000-Year-Old Medieval Graveyard: Using Lidar to Uncover the Supernatural

Ghost Hunting in a 1000-Year-Old Medieval Graveyard: Using Lidar to Uncover the Supernatural

GHOST HUNTING Equipment Testing in an 800 year old SPOOKY GRAVEYARD

Testing out most of my Ghost Hunting Kit, which includes all my inventions, apps, cameras, and other devices, to make sure they are ready for all the new videos I…

Making a video in a SPOOKY GRAVEYARD and then THIS happens!!

I was in the middle of nowhere and had been in this graveyard for nearly 2 hours, recording a video about my apps and some of my kit. It had…

Are mirrors portals to the Spirit Realm?

I now have a large mirror in my office that I can use for spirit realm portal testing with my LiDAR app (and maybe a new invention) #paranormal #spirit #ghosts…

EVP RECORDER – Spotted: Ghosts Android App

** This is a test release – I am currently monitoring this release for bugs ** This is a handy tool to have with you when doing Paranormal Investigations or…


** HUGE UPDATE COMING SOON IN 2021 ** Our All in 1 Ghost Hunting Kit is now available!! Featuring our new EMF Detector, the SG3 Spirit Box and EVP Recorder.…


Turn your device into a Video Ghost Hunting Kit with the Spotted: Ghosts ARK! The very 1st ghost hunting video app with tools overlayed, any other apps like this are…


Another of my All in 1 Ghost Hunting Kits is now available!! Featuring an EMF Detector, our Streaming Spirit Box and EVP Recorder. EMF Detector———————- The EMF Detector uses the…

St Georges Day, 2011

This pic was taken in my pub st George’s day 2011. we could not explain it. it is not the reflection of my partner taking the pic. we had a…

ghost face caught in window

this is what i believe is a ghostly face caught in window on one of my last investigations i did in northumberland,england

Orbs (2)

Another pic taken by our photographer on our 1st investigation. Do you see it? -GwenBPI

Bisham Abbey Planchette Session

This image is from a planchette session at our Bisham Abbey investigation last year. This is my account…. Throughout the evening, I had been picking up on a cat spirit,…

Investigation at the Viaduct Tavern

Hello, i have attached a couple of photos that we captured from an Investigation at the Viaduct Tavern. Can we see what people think please?

Orbs (1)

This was taken during our first investigation on 4-25-15 -GwenBPI


During our very first investigation, there is a skull that was captured during a pendulum session. It’s located towards the bottom left of pic. Not the big white looking thing,…

Unexplained (1)

Taken during our 1st investigation 4-25-15 I was doing a pendulum reading when our photographer caught this. And there isn’t any power in this building. -GwenBPI