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Ghost in House Renovation Photo

Was renovating my house and i took a picture to show what I had done and there was a ghostly image that came out

Prospect Inn Exeter

Thought these figure on the left was a bit strange….this was taken at the Prospect Inn in Exeter where it has been known for sightings of ghosts.

Spooky face appears in photo of woman at home

Diane Toman’s son was playing around with his new phone when he took this picture of his mother. When he looed back at the photo he was shocked to see…

Comforted by Ghost?

This is a photo of my mum, it looks like she is being comforted by a ghost, what are your thoughts?

Devils Den

Devils Den in Gettysburg is one of the most haunted spots on the battlefield. It is a rocky area full of massive boulders that really does look like a lion’s…

Ghost in Background

A New Hampshire man made a startling discovery when he noticed a ghostly figure photobombing a friend?s Facebook snapshot. Now, an expert photo analyst is saying that the phantom is…

Ghost pic.

I was stopping up late, I took a selfie on my laptop and…. see for yourself.

Woman in the Mirror

This is a pic that my missis took she was selling one off our daughters dressed on eBay when after I noticed a figure of a ghost lady in the…

Ghost in the mirror

Face in the Wardrobe

Male ghost which haunted my girlfreinds bedroom moving objects including tipping a set of draws over has now been removed by a medium Face can be seen in the wardrobe

Ghost Dog

i have got a pic of my dad and 2 dogs but to the side of him there is another dog can amy 1 else see it please x

Ghost near the Bridge

look at the top of the bridge infront of the tree

Bar Ghost

Can you see a face in the centre ?? Thoughts please taken at the salutation notts

Terrified mum captures snap of evil black-eyed ghost on family day out

Terrified mum-of-three Michelle Mason, 39, from Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs, was shocked to discover the terrifying image of a ghostly child, standing just yards from her two children while on a family…

Ghost in the Woods

check this out