• Mon. Jan 30th, 2023


Daily Mail

Our famous ghost child picture that went viral in 2015

Walking Ghost

Ghost near baby’s head?

Famous Monk

Probably 1 of the most famous ghosts pictures there is! In the summer of 1954, Reverend K.F. Ford was taking pictures of his church that is located in England. While…

2 Ghosts caught outside my house

During the day

Ghost in a Chair in a Nursing Home

Hi just thought I would share my images of what appears to be a ghost sat in a chair at an old nutsing home. There was no windows or anything…

Ghost in the trees .

I would like anybodys views on this picture ..:)

Ghost on Stairs

Famous Picture of Ghost on Stairs

Creepy Old Photo

Not saying that this is a ghost, but it is seriously creepy!!

Ghost in Window

A photograph taken of a house in Ravenna seems to show the face of a girl peering out of a window.

Ghost in Chair

Real old pic, but defo the best pic of a ghost I have got

Ghost in Fireplace

can you see it?

Ghost in House Renovation Photo

Was renovating my house and i took a picture to show what I had done and there was a ghostly image that came out

Prospect Inn Exeter

Thought these figure on the left was a bit strange….this was taken at the Prospect Inn in Exeter where it has been known for sightings of ghosts.

Spooky face appears in photo of woman at home

Diane Toman’s son was playing around with his new phone when he took this picture of his mother. When he looed back at the photo he was shocked to see…

Comforted by Ghost?

This is a photo of my mum, it looks like she is being comforted by a ghost, what are your thoughts?

Devils Den

Devils Den in Gettysburg is one of the most haunted spots on the battlefield. It is a rocky area full of massive boulders that really does look like a lion’s…