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What’s in my house?

Be interested to see what people think this is?? It happened while I was decorating my front lounge! The house always feels like there’s someone else here with me


Took a picture of a cellar in a huge stately home, and this orb appeared?

Face Behind Me?

Theyre Was Nobody In The Room With Me When This Photo Was Taken… Definitely Looks Like a Face Behind Me… Had Alot Of Unexplained Things Happen In This House.

Photo Booth App

Some guy found this photo in his photo booth app, what the fuck

Famous Monk

Probably 1 of the most famous ghosts pictures there is! In the summer of 1954, Reverend K.F. Ford was taking pictures of his church that is located in England. While…

Searching for Kacey

This little girl went missing ten years ago. We made contact right away and have learned devastating facts about her disappearence. Watch for our video.

Ghost in a Chair in a Nursing Home

Hi just thought I would share my images of what appears to be a ghost sat in a chair at an old nutsing home. There was no windows or anything…

Alcatraz Woman

Tourists visiting San Francisco’s infamous island prison caught something unusual on camera. Situated in San Francisco Bay and home to a notorious abandoned prison that was once believed to be…

Double Glazing

Appeared in a failed double glazed window unit

Spooky face appears in photo of woman at home

Diane Toman’s son was playing around with his new phone when he took this picture of his mother. When he looed back at the photo he was shocked to see…

Face in Condensation

The right is a pic of my bro who sadly died of cancer 2011 and hear on the left is a face that appeared on the condensation on my bathroom…

Devils Den

Devils Den in Gettysburg is one of the most haunted spots on the battlefield. It is a rocky area full of massive boulders that really does look like a lion’s…

Lickey Hills

Whilst walking through The Lickey hills I was taking pictures and i felt something walk past me, I honestly thought someone had and was confused when there was no one…

Ghost in Background

A New Hampshire man made a startling discovery when he noticed a ghostly figure photobombing a friend?s Facebook snapshot. Now, an expert photo analyst is saying that the phantom is…

Woman in the Mirror

This is a pic that my missis took she was selling one off our daughters dressed on eBay when after I noticed a figure of a ghost lady in the…

Girl in Door Window

hi this pic is my sister taken few weeks bk at around 2am we were a little drunk n messing around,wasnt till the next day lookin at the pics that…