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Strange Things

Jun 2, 2016

Many strange things have happened to me over the years, but I still question them all and always have an explanation for them. When I was a young girl I saw a few things where I lived with my parents and I do remember telling my parents who always had an explanation for it which is probably why I had that built into my mind. Nothing horrible ever happened, just strange things, nothing that scared me. My parents split when I was a teenager and myself and my sister stayed in the family home with dad who didn’t believe in anything paranormal and always made us feel safe. Anyway, on my 21st birthday myself and a few friends wen for a night out in Liverpool. At the end of the night I was on the bus with them all on our way back to Birkenhead. Dad had told me to call him when we were on our way back and he would collect us from the other side of the tunnel and take us home. It was 2am and I called the house phone. The phone was picked up then then line…

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