• Sat. Feb 4th, 2023

Spirits Aren’t At Your Beck and Call!

Jan 8, 2023

Paranormal communication is not a scientifically proven field, everything is based on theory. People like myself build tools based on these theories in the hope that the theories can be proven. The more people that use these tools to get evidence then the more chance that the theories can be proven.

The amount of people that think they can turn on a ghost hunting app, or any ghost hunting equipment for that matter, and instantly be able to communicate with spirits is quite shocking!

Seriously, spirits aren’t there for your entertainment! They don’t come running over to you like a lapdog because you pulled out the latest expensive piece of equipment.

To get spirit communication through any type of medium (app or device) takes time and the spirit needs to understand how to use that piece of equipment.

If you don’t explain to the spirits what the equipment is and how it works, well, it’s like giving a guitar to a random person in the street and asking them play a piece of Mozart. Unless that person has been taught how to play the guitar then that person won’t be able to play a single note. You need to teach them and you need to give them time to learn.

It could be as quick as 5 seconds (not usually the case but could happen), other times it could take hours or even days. Sometimes you will get results, sometimes you won’t.

Remember, NOTHING works 100% of the time. On those days it doesn’t work, put it down to there being no spirits around, gaining experience and move on to the next thing.

Most importantly, be patient! Don’t give up just because nothing happened in the first 30 seconds of trying.

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