• Wed. Sep 28th, 2022

Seance Cat

Dec 5, 2018

I know this story sounds farfetched but I guarantee you its true. Last halloween me and 5 of my friends was round her nans house watching horror films when we decided to do a séance. My friend had told me just before we did it “there’s no point in doing this no one has ever died in the house only the cat last year” regardless we carried on. After asking out numerous questions and knockings nothing happened. My friend then said “if there is anyone that wants to communicate, please touch one of us to let us know” shortly after saying this another friend said they felt heavy on the legs as if someone was sat on them. But nothing else happened. We decided to go back into the living room and watch tv. 5 minutes passed and my friend started screaming. I kept asking whats the matter. Are you ok and couldn’t get a response she was petrified, then I noticed her legs. They were absolutely coated with white hair, like a cat had been sitting on her. But the cat had died 12 months previous.

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