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Rowing Grandparents

May 22, 2019

Years ago when i was 5 i kept seeing a male ghost i told my mum she told me i was being silly. I kept persisting that i was seeing something so she asked me to describe the man i was seeing once i described him my mums mouth dropped in shock. About a week later we went up to my grandparents and mum said to my gran your grandson is seeing a ghost describe to your gran who you see. So like i did with my mum i described the man. My gran then went upstairs. She came downstairs with some photos in the photos was a man who i desribed this man was my great grandad bearing in my mind he passed about 10 years before i was born. I also now live with my granparents and from time to time i see a woman my great gran she has a negative energy as everytime she pops up my grandparents have a row.

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