• Thu. Sep 29th, 2022

Pregnancy Spirits

Aug 19, 2010

Since a early age i’ve had strange going ons but everytime i’m pregnant i get evil spirits that come to me leave knives in middle of rooms hear babies crying which i actually recorded tv turning over and stereo turning up taps turning on. Old fashioned bra appeared on my stairs and then a really old fashioned razor appeared in my sons room when he was 3 and he kept saying the man told me i can play with it, then when i’d have people around in the day my front door and back door would open and you could here running up and down the stairs. This pregnancy i’ve not yet had any of this and only witnessed one scary thing since in this new house what was a girl with her head to the side stood in my bedroom door way, i had a spiritalist come round and they was terrified for me said the girl was raped by her dad hundreds of years ago and he snapped her neck, then told me i have a evil spirit follow me and it has red eye’s. I seen red eyes in a mirror when i was 8 me and my friends would say devil in the mirror to see the devil never worked till i was alone at my grandmas. I was terrified. I don’t know what to believe but defiantly something scary out there!

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