• Sat. Feb 4th, 2023

Orbs in Kitchen

Hiya I am a carer for my grandma and I took these photos in her kitchen to find these orbs of light wondered if they are anything also the next…

Fire Ghost

This is a pic my brother took look close ther seems to be a face in the fire spooky ass :0

Kids Grave

I took a picture of my son’s grave to the right of his photo their seems to be a grainy image of a lady, I’ve blanked his name out for…

Grave Yard Ghosts

Found on the net, does anyone know anything about this photo?


I would love to share my story with spotted ghosts my oldest son jay committed suicide on 30.04.13 by hanging him self my son jay picture is on the end…

Face in couch

Face in couch

Head of a Woman

took this photo in matlock, Derbyshire at the weekend. If you look on the steps across from the railing halfway up you can see what looks like a head of…

Small Town Haunting

We felt surrounded while investigating this cemetery. I just didn’t realize how close. This is actually me standing there.

Pub Ghost

Hi thought you’d like this, it was taken in the lambton arms in Chester le street by the i am VIP photographers so it’s on a hi tech camera, I…

Snapchatting in a Car

Casually snapchatting my mate whilst in a car and to the top left of the picture it looks like a boys face, yeah you can blame it on light but…

Very Active Cemetry

Taken by Debbie McNew in a Cemetry. Copyright Debbie McNew

Ghostly apparition captured on camera in home for sale

This ghostly apparition was captured on camera in home for sale.

Ghost in the Wardrobe

Hiya, I took this picture on my iPhone quite a while back. I had two cats who were fighting in my wardrobe. So I decided to take a pic (as…

What’s in my house?

Be interested to see what people think this is?? It happened while I was decorating my front lounge! The house always feels like there’s someone else here with me

Dust on Lens?

Dust on Lens?

Face in Shirts

Make of this what you will, but I think it is seriously creepy!!!