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Our House

Oct 18, 2017

When I was little. Me my mum
My dad and our dog moved into a bungalow. Every thing was brilliant for a few days until weird things started happening, we would all go out leave the dog at home come back and my nappies would be in millions of bits on the floor and all the plants would be dug up in the garden. My dad blamed the dog. We took the dog with is the next day came back and the same thing happened. Witch is then we new something wasn’t right. My dog started scratching and tearing up the carpet and walls like he had found something. When we eventually found under the wall paper and the carpet really big stars burnt into the walls and floor all around the house. There was a really vile smell that you could smell at the same
Time every night. My dad went into the loft and there was a big black chest in the far corner but never went and looked at what was in it. The rest of our family members would only come as far as the door to see us, as they felt a bad vibe and things just didn’t feel right. The last day we spent in the house my mum was
Stood there cooking and her necklace started getting tighter around her neck until she was eventually lifted off the floor by the neklace. We left straight away and never went back. On the way out all the curtains where opening like some one was watching us but no one was there. the house was nocked down 1 week later. So they must of new something was rong with it. Any ideas anyone?

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