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Ouija Board Experience

Feb 27, 2017

A few years ago, three friends and I did a Ouija board. Nothing happened at first, but after a while the glass began to slowly move. We all started blaming each other, until it started to spell out things about each of us that only we would know ourselves. The glass moved faster and faster and was moving so quickly after a while, that our fingers were falling off and we were all getting really scared. When we asked the spirit to leave, it spelt out a series of swear words and general abuse. We were petrified and discussing calling a vicar, but it was around 3am. Two of the girls had children to get back to but the spirit just wouldn’t leave. Unsure of the etiquette at the time, we decided to destroy the glass and burn the paper letters. When we woke up in the morning, one piece of paper was in the middle of the table saying ‘Hello.’ Strange things happened to all of us after this, and the house we did the Ouija board in definitely had a presence as cupboard doors would slam and things would be moved or go missing. My friend who lived there ended up moving out because of it. I was scared to do Ouija boards after that awful experience, but did one a few years later using a circle of salt and blessings etc. Have only had good spirits since, but I will never forget that night.

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