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Old Lady in the Window

Aug 3, 2010

4 years ago I was with my son in our garden… Pointing up to our bedroom window, he calmly said…
” what’s at the window daddy”…
“It’s the wardrobe”
” no daddy, an old lady is waving at me…”
We were the only ones at the house….
From that night he woke up every night screaming, staring at the corner of his bedroom…. Our house is 200yrs old…after a couple of months he said that there were more “things”in the house, but they don’t hurt him, they just look at him and smile… A few months went past, it continued, but got progressively worse. I called on a good friend on mine whom, came round with some rocks of some sort, placed them on my sons room overnight. She then came back in the morning, took a picture of his room, and a shirt if his away. That night she rang me and told me that she had sorted the “things” out… There were 10 things in our house. My son slept straight through all night, not stirring once…
The following morning, my sons first words were…” Daddy, the things have gone from my room….”
That was 2 years ago….
Last week he told me …” a boy was back in his room, he talks to him, he smiles a lot, but he won’t play… He has unfinished business…he won’t hurt me…”

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