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MY New Home

Oct 15, 2015

I moved into my own home 3 and a half years ago shortly after having my son. A few months in I started noticing that when I got up in the morning, doors were open that I had definitely closed firmly. I’ve been afraid of the dark since I was little and so the light in the bathroom is kept on at night, that is until around 5 months into our adventure that I heard this god almighty crack and all went dark, as I jumped from my bed and hesitantly poked my head around the door, I saw the casing to the light fitting in pieces on the floor and the light bulb had blown, as I turned back into my room I saw the image of a little girl, 3 maybe 4 years old, she quickly disappeared from my room as I frantically searched for another source of light. A few weeks after this I woke up to what can only be described as a very loud child’s. laughter and the sound of a plastic football bouncing down my stairs, I had a quick look over the bannister to see the same girl coming up the stairs. There was one occasion where I came home to find my sons room had been altered slightly and all his drawers were open, he couldn’t have done it as he was only 8 months at the time. Over the last few years she’s visited me several more times including when I had a stay in hospital and on a family holiday. She has learned that it scares me when the lights are messed with and so doesn’t do it. She sometimes sits at the end of my bed, sometimes I wake up to the noise of children playing and she will be playing on the road outside of my house. I’ve asked her a few times who she is but so far nothing. The house was newly built when I moved in here and I have searched for articles about a young girl dying on this street but to no avail.

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