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My Grandpa is Crazy

May 29, 2014

My grandpa is crazy. He thinks at night that ghosts are coming to kidnap him and take him away. He says that the ghosts are friends of his who have died in WW2 and that they’re angry with him because he left them behind during a bombing. At night when he?s not staring out of his living room window waiting, he gets nightmares and screams! I?m surprised grandma Eva hasn’t left him.
My name is Vincent Kelton and my grandpas name is Weaven Fora. I?m fifteen, my grandpa is seventy and Eva Silvon Fora is eighty. Its a good thing I?m only staying here for a week, because my mom and dad told me about Weaven. Its creepy to think that you’re staying in a house with an unstable person. But he?s harmless, or so you would think.
Well let me tell you about one night when I was thirsty. I got up and went downstairs to get some water. I got the water and saw my grandpa staring out his living room window into his huge front yard.
He was talking to himself in the dark.
“Grandpa, are you ok?”
“Yeah” He replied “I?m just waiting.”
I slowly walked over to him. “I think you should sleep.” I whispered.
“No, I can’t they don?t let me sleep. They come in my dreams and tell me to get ready.”
He lifted his arm up and pointed outside. “Look there!” He said with his eyes wide open.
I looked out the window. “Where?” I said.
“Right there close to the tree!”
“Its just a bush, plus there?s too much fog!” I replied.
My grandpa looked into my eyes and said, “That means they’re closer.”
I shook my head and said i was going to bed and told grandpa to go to sleep, too.
The next day was an ordinary day. I went to the mall and came home. Grandpa and I played cards. It got dark, and it was time to go to bed. As I layed in bed I couldn’t sleep so I decided to go watch television in the living room. But before I could get up, I saw what looked like my grandpa standing in the door way of my room in the dark. “Grandpa what are you doing there?” I said.
The shadow gave out a moan.
“Grandpa, what?s wrong!?” I asked. Then I knew it wasn’t him Because it gave off a festering dead smell. I was scared out of my mind. I screamed then the strange shadow vanished.
Grandpa and grandma came running in. “What?s wrong Vincent!?” Grandma asked.
“Nothing I was dreaming” I replied.
Grandpa sat close to me and said, “You saw one of them didn?t you?”
“No it was a dream” I replied. Grandpa stood up, gave me a kiss on the head, turned off the light and walked out the room. But I couldn’t sleep. Maybe there is something out there. So I got up and crept down stairs to the living room but grandpa wasn’t there. I slowly walked over to the window and looked out. Then I waited and waited for anything. A half an hour passed and I was ready to go to sleep when I saw something in the tall grassy yard of grandpa’s house.
A dark shadow rose and stood.
“What is that!?” I whispered to my self. Then to the far left another shadow stood then another until there was fifty black shadows standing in my grandpa’s yard. “Oh my god, it’s an army!” I said under my breath. There was so much fog I thought maybe there was more! I couldn?t believe it.
I ran to call Grandpa and Grandma from down stairs. After waiting a minute I ran to call the police. A man answered I told him there?s strange people outside my house and the cops should come. I grabbed a kitchen knife form the cabinet and ran back into the living room to see how close the shadows were. They were still there. I knew I had to wake up Grandma and Grandpa! I was going up the stairs when I saw a shadow standing at the top. “What do you want!?” I shouted. I knew I had to be brave so I bolted toward it and tried to push through the shadow but it was like there was a wall there!
Face to face, its eyes gave a dim grey shine. “Leave my family alone!” I screamed. I was so scared I knew I had to do something, so I stabbed it in the stomach repeatedly. Surprisingly, it didn?t give a good fight! It fell to the ground flat. But I knew it wasn?t dead, so I slit its throat. I was filled with adrenaline. I stood up and saw another shadow standing close to my grandpa’s room. My heart was beating out of control. I ran, grabbed it, throw it to the floor. Strangely it didn?t give a good fight either, so I stabbed it in the stomach. I got up and ran into my grandpa’s room and turned on the light. Grandpa and Grandma weren’t there and at the moment the cops arrived. I went out of the bed room to find my Grandma and Grandpa lying dead where the shadows were.
“What is going on!?” I screamed. There was blood every where. The police surrounded the house and shouted to who ever was inside to come out. I did. Before I could explain what happened the police rushed in, looked around, and found my relatives on the floor. I had the knife in my hand. I tired to explain but they didn?t listen.
Everything is all right now. I’m in an asylum. I’ve been here for about two years and I still see those black shadows every now and then.
You know its strange how things turn out at the end.

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