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My Daughters Mate

Dec 15, 2018

Since I’ve moved to my home with my new born daughter she always had a soft spot for a corner of her room, her bed was there and she always looked at it, as she slowly grew up she started to play in the corner ad moved everything to it, now she is 2 and she talks to her “mate” and asks him if he would like a cup of tea or a sandwich…. One night she wouldn’t go to sleep, so me and my partner recorded her and asked her a few questions, like is you’re “mate” awake? Is it ok? Is it hungry? And she replied, “he’s angry because I’m poorly and my bear is not there ( pointing at the corner). So we moved her bear back to the corner on the stand, and her night light which ran out of batteries faded back on and my daughter just giggled and said ” he said thanks” we recorded the whole thing and keep watching it over and over again.

We found out who lived here before and it was a vicar who homed poorly children away from their parents to give them a break, the window was knocked out and a wall built in the corner, the window faced the park and church………….

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