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My Daughter

Jan 30, 2019

my daughter was always talking to someone or playing with someone that was never there at the time we did not think anoything about it then when she was 2 her grandad got really ill we got told in the middle of the night to rush over as he did not have long to live as we had a new born I went over for a few hours but had to return home in the morning,I fed my son then made my daughter some breakfast I heard her saying “I know but he smells bad” I went in to see who she was talking to, there was no body on the phone or in the room with her as her daddy was still with his father I thought it would be best to try and explain to her that grandad was going to live in the sky so he could see her and her brother anytime he wanted and would always love her she replied “I know he was just here teling me to be nice to my brother,but I told him that he smells mummy” this made me feel really strange as my husband had not called to keep me updated on his father so I called him,he told me that his dad had died a hour ago.
To this day my daughter has never felt scared of anything she sees/hears or smells as she does alot there is a lady that “lives” with us at the minute that my daughter talks to all the time my daughter is now 10.
I would never incorage this tell her “not to be silly” as this is something she has seen and done all her short lifw I just wondered is anyone else’s family members does this and how they cope in situations where this could be uncomfortable for example at a wake or in a grave yard?…

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