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My Dads House

Nov 26, 2015

I used to go and stay at my dads house every weekend with my 2 brothers and my sister and one sunday morning we were all just about to go get in the car to go to donnington market. I was leaning on the radiator and was all literally ready to leave out the door when we heard wat sounded like somebody running down the stairs and then the cellar door opened n slammed shut. In the cellar above the stairs was a shelf which was used to store all the clutter but it sounded as if it had all fallen down the cellar stairs but my dad checked but nothing had fallen n nobody was there! Let’s say that was our que to leave lol but that’s not the only spooky experience …. My dads new wife @ the time got 3 kids from previous relationship and the youngest n only girl thought she saw her brother she was watching cartoon network in the dark wiv curtains shut alone and her brother was in the bath and she was like stop scaring me stop it n she was hid behind the sofa . Her mum went in n said wats up why you behind there and she said cuz my brother is scaring me. Her mum says your brother is in the bath why what did you see and she said I don’t know because I could not see its face … I used to get scared cuz the toilet was downstairs so I used to run to toilet wiv all the lights turned on ha ha

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