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My Cousin

Jun 2, 2015

I have a story , I didn’t believe in anything like the after death etc.
My cousin got killed in 2012 in a car crash , very upsetting as I was on the phone 2 her when it happened , so I knew something was wrong. She died outright + on my bday.
We were close , she helped bring up my lil boy who was 10 month’s at the time. Anyway’s , in my old house , I alway’s used 2 have my tv on standby , one night about 2 week’s after she died I heard a noise , I thort it was the neighbour’s but went down stair’s & checked , The tv had turned itself on , it has alway’s come on after standby 2 cbeebie’s , but when I was down stair’s it was on a music channel this was like 4am , I thort nothing of it. So turned off & went back 2 bed.
When my son awoke at 7am , I heard noise’s again , it got 2 the point I was freaking out as living on me own with my baby , so rang me mum & she stayed on the phone while I went downstairs , & what u know cbeebies was turned on.
All this happened the same day I put a blown up picture of my cousin & my son in the same room on the wall in his toy corner.
I have since moved , & our nan lost her fight 2 cancer last year 2 , a few thing’s have happened since , & I’d like 2 think that my cousin was letting me know she was ok etc.
Believe what u think , I was so freaked out at the time , as other thing’s were happening. And since moved 2 new place put the picture of my cousin up in frontroom and she fell down after about a week & a half TWICE so she’s no longer on the wall , I see the funny side , she may not like my new house

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