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My Auntie

Apr 8, 2016

I’m unsure if this is a ghost story or not but I will tell you this: almost three years ago my auntie sadly passed away too young. It was perhaps a year after this I was at the hospital a&e due to a dog-related accident. This was when I saw her, she was almost identical. Spitting image of her, and she was sat across the room just looking at me. She gave her usual smile and had disappeared the next time I looked. It gave me comfort and a lot of confusion. I told my grandmother, who confided in me she too had seen my auntie in a different situation. The money my auntie left for my grandma she told her to make herself well with, so she started receiving acupuncture. In the dim lit room grandma told me when the gent who runs the place left to make her a drink and take a call that my auntie sat down in the room and said “I’m so glad you’re trying to get better mum.” And then said she’s okay and hopes we all are too. When my Grandma told me she was in tears but also happy. I never believed in spirits until then.

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