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Moving Chair

Aug 15, 2012

I have always beleived in spirits and the paranormal but recently last year I was on The Derby Ghost walk. We went to The Old Derby Gaol, lots of old pubs and at the end we went to The friary aka the scream nightclub. Hundreds of years ago it was were monks used to worship. We went into the basement, a small, low ceiling room. The guude turned off all the lights within seconds I felt faint and really ill. There was about 30 people in this little room and I was breathing quite heavy. This woman infront scream that something blew on the back of her neck (it was me) so I ended up leaving the room cus I nearly did faint. When I got out the room it was just me and the photograper. Then a chair moved twice infront of my eyes towards me. The photographer heard it but his back was facing it. I didnt feel scared at all I thought that the spirit knew I felt ill and was showing me a chair to sit on. Also the guide said to ne after that another woman a couple of weeks ago felt ill and had to get out the basement!

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