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Mary Kings close

Mar 24, 2013

Mary Kings close is an underground warren of streets and dwellings. It was once a thriving trade area where Edinburgh?s tradesmen used to live and work however, in 1645 the close was believed to have been abandoned after an outbreak of the plague. Those that were infected stayed behind in isolation. The location is now a popular tourist destination, running daily tours to people interested in learning about the history and the legends associated with the close.

Since the 17th century there have been reports of paranormal goings on in the close, and it?s now regarded as one of the most haunted places in Scotland. The Coltheart family who lived there in 1685 where the first ones to report something paranormal. Soon after they moved in after the outbreak of plague, they began to see ghostly figures, and were left terrified after seeing phantom disembodied limbs, and experiencing very vivid nightmares.

Today, staff and visitors have reported seeing the ghost of a ?worried woman?, a woman in black, and a little girl named Annie. The ghost of Annie has been known to interact with people who leave her gifts in one of the rooms.

Other reports include sounds, such as scratching, the sounds of a party or tavern, and footsteps that seem to follow you around. Stones have also been thrown and intense EVP?s are often captured throughout the area, particularly in Mr. Chesney?s house.

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