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Man in my Garden

Oct 24, 2012

I live in a Victorian house in Burton on Trent, I awoke one night to go to the toilet only to meet a large black human shadow floating down the hallway, I froze to the spot as it floated on, I did not dare to go to the toilet on my own that night.

I got up one morning at 5am to let the dog out, I opened the French door and there was a man at the end of my garden, I was only wearing a flimsy nightdress and was quite scared, I wondered if it was my next door neighbour looking for his rabbit or was it an intruder. I let the dog out thinking if she knew him she would greet him and if not she was run at him. The dog just ignored the man as he busied himself in the garden.

I shouted to the man “who are you, what are you doing?” He stopped and stared at me, I pulled the door shut and wrapped the curtain around me as he seemed a bit creepy. He then continued picking up wood and seemed to making a bonfire, the dog looked towards him, ran to him and ran through him, he disappeared. After taking to my neighbour a fella lived in my house called Tom, they called him peeping Tom as he used to stare at the ladies.

Also in my house doors fly open, spoons tinkle in cups, glasses explode and plenty more, but I love it!

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