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Latched on Ghost

Nov 26, 2015

i know this is cliche but i see ghost all the time, usualy they flit in n out of my home, my story tho is of one that latched itself to me wen i was about 7, wherever i moved it followed, i never saw it just felt it, its was a feelin of pure evil, u can choose t believe me or not but this is what i felt, the worst thing it did to me was wen i was asleep, dont know how or why but i used to dream of it attackin me n id wake up paralysed! realy scarey, anyway i nevr told anyone about my latched on ghost till a yr ago, i went t have a tarot readin done and durin the readin i was told i was a gd clairvoiant n how was i copin with my 2 ghosts, 1 was my nana whos always with me and the other was my latched ghost, i askd t be rid of the bad one lol since that day, iv never had a nitemare or woke up paralysed iv sinca also been workin on my comunication with the ghosts i hav comin n goin, currently hav a little girl who plays in my kitchen, a wee boy who for sum reason just sits in my bedroom and a man that walks through my house! i just leave em to it lol

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