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Island of the Dolls

Mar 27, 2019

Located on Lake Teshuilo in Xochimilco nr Mexico City, the island La Isla de la Munecas (The Island of the Dolls) is certainly one of the strangest haunted locations in our list. In the 1950?s, a man named Julian Santan Barrera moved to the island (despite being married with a young family).

Julian was unaware of the dark history of the area when he moved there to become a recluse. Legend says that three young girls were playing near the water in the 1920?s, when one of the girls fell in and drowned in the murky waters. Locals believed that ever since her death, the young girls? spirit has been unable to leave the island. It soon grew quite a reputation as a haunted place, and locals wouldn?t go near it at night for fear of what they may see.

Julian claimed that as soon as he moved on the island a little girl began speaking to him. The girl told Julian how she had died, and that she was trapped on the island. He began to get the dolls for this little girl, often selling off fruit and vegetables that he had grown on the island, so that he could buy old dolls for her to play with.

Julian later told his nephew that it was becoming more difficult to appease the young girl?s thirst for these dolls, with him seemingly worried that she wanted him to join her in her watery grave. The same day he had this discussion, his nephew was returning to the island, when he found his uncle face down in the canal. His body was in the same spot where the little girl had apparently drowned seventy years before.

Today, tourists to the island often speak of the doll?s eyes following them. Others have also reported that the mutilated dolls whisper to them, especially at night. Julian?s ghost is also said to remain on the island, as well as the young girls?.

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