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House on the corner

Jun 18, 2016

My fiancée and I moved in next door to my childhood house, yup next door to my parents. Over the years I watched many people move in to the corner house and once the contract was up I watched them move right back out again. Sometimes it remained vacant.
My fiancé and I where living with my parents and our 2 year old daughter. We where desperate for our own space. My mother told me how the tenants next door had only moves out and the landlord was renovating next door so I should ask him about it.
Chris (my fiancée) and I talked it over with him and couldn’t believe how low the rent was ?500 a month and we didn’t have to pay the 1st month up front, so we dove on it the first chance we got. We even helped the owner with the rest of the renovations so we could move in quicker. The lay out was odd, the living room was in the front of the house with a glass panel door. The bathroom at the end of the hall downstairs with only bedrooms up stairs, three of them. We settled in and decorated, made ourselves at home. Two months had passed and I’d notice things from the corner of my eye. Shapes of people, dogs, spiders but when I’d turn to look they would vanish.
One night after we put our daughter to bed we sat watching tv when as clear as day smoke was rising from the carpet. There was no smell just light smoke. Things like that just kept happening and we had no explanation, the figure of a little boy would run from the front door to the bathroom at the end of the hall. I would always see him, just out the corner of my eye. Black hair, pale in what looked like a black suit. Gave me the chills but I felt he needed protecting. It was a very overwhelming feeling. I questioned my sanity more than once since at first nobody else noticed them.
Sitting up in bed one night in the dark Chris and myself where arguing about something, I can’t recall what but it was a very heated argument, suddenly at the end of the bed a pure white womanly figure appeared and no sooner than she appeared she disappears. I was petrified, it stopped the argument in it’s tracks, closed my eyes tight and pretended It didn’t happen. There where countless instances. We even brought in a clairvoyant for my birthday who claimed there where many gentle spirits residing on my property, not just the house but there was a dark presence lingering. I didn’t like the sound of that at all.
We felt terrorised in our home. The straw that broke the camels back was the feeling of someone always watching me, something terrifying. From the corner of my eye I could see black shadows, a man in a large hat and long coat, it felt like it was always behind me. Then Chris noticed it too. Guests would notice odd things too. One guest even claimed while he slept in our spare room he was woken by the end of the bed dipping as if someone sat on it. He later called someone to come pick him up.
We opted out of our lease early, just short of our second year in the house.
Even now as I visit my parents, in the four years since we have moved, I have seen many new tenants come and go. Some one new only moved in three months ago. I wonder how long they will be there for??

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