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Home Care Husband

May 20, 2013

I saw a ghost while I was working as a home care assistant i had been on holiday for a fortnight and my first shift back I had my regular client I went round the back of the house to get the key to let my self in on the way round u have to pass the kitchen window as I walked passed I saw the lady’s husband sat at the table reading his paper he looked up saw me and waved as he always did so I waved back as I got in the house the lady was sat in the lounge watching tv I said hello and she greeted me with a small smile I noticed she had a few sympathy cards I asked if she was ok to her reply not really my husband passed away 3 days ago he was in the kitchen reading his paper and had a massive stroke n died my heart started racing as I’d just saw him n waved I didn’t tell her what I saw i didn’t want to upset get or worse scare her I didn’t go any where near the kitchen that night lucky the lady had just made her self a cuppa and I didn’t look in the window when I put the key back I never did see him again the lovely lady as now passed away to I’m just hoping there both happy reading the paper together

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