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Haunted Terrace House

Feb 12, 2014

when my children were small I lived in a old terraced house that was haunted. Every night at around 9pm a girl used to go across the dining room and through the wall, that lead into the alley way,outside, anyone who sat in the chair that faced the French doors that lead to the dining room always saw her. (so it wasn’t just me that saw her but also visitors )
The upstairs bath taps would be turned on fully, lights would get switched on or go off with out the light bulb blowing and things would be moved around,from one place to another. I would hear the odd word spoken, and knew it wasn’t anyone else as I would be in the house alone.This spirit never harmed me or my children but was quite mischievous. and just for the record I had a alleyway one side of me and the house attached to mine was empty for a few years till a builder purchased it.

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