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Flat in Worcester

Nov 25, 2018

Me and my boyfriend share a flat in Worcester and we always have weird, unexplained things go on. We were lay in bed one night and around 4am we were woken to a tapping sound as if someone was tapping their fingers on the door, then out bedroom cupboard door swing open and a motor bike helmet shot out, if it lost balance it would of rolled out but it looked like it was thrown out. We’ve been sat in the living room before when our 4 canvas pictures dropped off the wall one by one. Our friend has stopped sleeping over as he swore blind that he saw a dark shadowed face poke round the door (he’s seen this on more than one occasion even tho me and my partner haven’t seen this for ourselves). Another friend of mine fell asleep on the sofa with the tv on and woke up freezing cold and said she saw a while mist/ fog go across the room into the tv, she ran into my bedroom to wake me up and was crying and wouldn’t stop shaking and refused to go back in the living room. Once when I got out the bath I was stood in the bedroom doorway when i felt a strong force on the back of both my legs as if they were being stroked which sent a shiver down my spine and I also have 3 cats who often stare into space and their eyes move round the room as if there watching something even tho me and my partner can’t see anything and my one cat will sometime wake up and hiss and try to attack something on her back even tho there’s nothing there. We found out after we moved in that a police officer died of a heart attack in the living room before we had the flat, his name was Albert craddock, he wasn’t found for a while so I think it’s him playing tricks on us, what do you think?

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