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EVP RECORDER – Spotted: Ghosts Android App

Jun 11, 2021

** This is a test release – I am currently monitoring this release for bugs **

This is a handy tool to have with you when doing Paranormal Investigations or Ghost Hunts.

I am not saying that spirits will speak to you through my app, so please do not be disappointed if it does not work straight the way.

There is NO FAKERY involved in this app, it DOES NOT play random sounds, scan radio, or anything, it is a 100% digital recorder.

Version 8 is NOW available.

Credit System – Only watch adverts when you need to
Record a Video of the Screen
Record on Sound Detection
Record while screen is off / app is in the background
EMF Meter
Realtime display of Sensor Data, including: Proximity, Light, Movement, Air Pressure, Temperature and Humidity
Theme Downloader
Share your files and/or upload your video files straight to YouTube

Credit System:
Non Paying Subscribers can now use credits to open up subscriber only features, like using the EMF Meter, Record on Sound Detection, etc. You can also turn the adverts off and use credits instead. When you run out of credits simply watch a reward video advert (or 2) to get more credits.

There is an EVP Analyser, where you can change the speed / pitch of your recordings and set start / stop positions for playback

Playback of videos is also available so you can analyse the video session

A folder is created on your device called “SpottedGhosts”, in there you will find folders for all of our apps. Go into the “EVPRecorder” folder, then into the “Recordings” folder, here you will find all your recordings as .3gp.

You can share your audio .3gp files and video mp4 files from within the app.

There is a Help section, which contains a link to our latest Tutorial Video on YouTube (updated video coming very soon).

This app was recently used on a new Paranormal show called Celebrity Haunted Hotel, Whoop!!

** This app contains adverts **

Yes I know, everyone hates adverts right?

Well, I think you should look at adverts as a good thing, they are a way for you to help to financially support the developers, without actually paying the developers any money. So please don’t be annoyed with the adverts in this app, they are there to help me finance the development of new features for you, the users.

If you don’t like adverts then you can either use the credit system or pay for a subscription.

I have listened to you, so to try to make this app more use friendly I have changed the way the adverts work. Adverts are shown randomly on each screen change. Thanks for your feedback!


For £3 per month or £25 per Year.

Removes ALL Adverts, FREE Theme Downloads, Record on Sound Detection, Record while screen is off / app is in the background, Record the Screen, Realtime Sensor Graphs, EMF Meter.

Please help me make this app better for you.

I have also made a smaller, more compact (or “Lite”) version of my EVP Recorder which can be found here



** Disclaimer **

Use at your own risk, I cannot be held personally responsible for you or any outcome (paranormal or otherwise) from using this app!

if the app crashes, please submit the bug report so that the bug can be looked into and fixed. Thanks

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