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Evil Red Eyes

May 3, 2012

I have many stories from a previous house my family lived in.. but this is the worse experiance I ever had in that house bearing in mind everyone who lived there seen or heard something. One night I was in bed on the top bunk of a set of bunk beds (my brother was on the bottom) I must of been about 9-10 years old but the image stays with me vividly to this day, I woke suddenly feeling scared and looked around the door was slightly open letting a little light through but then it closed gently, I sat up right away noticing that it was darker in the room than it ever had been ( obviously at night it is dark with no lights on, but you can still slightly see) this darkness was pitch black, I could see nothing at all. Then 2 bright red eyes appeared to be floating the the middle of the room staring right at me as if that wasnt bad enough I started trying to scream but nothing would come out trying to shout my brother but again nothing would come out, I couldnt even here myself shouting. I checked again and the eyes were still there, peering at me. Crying my eyes out I climbed down the bunk and tried shouting my brother right infront of him but again nothing came out. So I turned to the door. At the first 5-6 pulls of the door it wouldnt open like someone was holding it from the other side.. eventually it did open.. and when it did its like the darkness turned back to normal. I ran out of the room and straight into my mums room.. I told her what happened and she said she knew there were spirits in the house. A few weeks later we had a preist round doing all strange stuff to the house.. but his conclusion was that this thing was attached to my mother & that where ever she went it will follow. Thats the strangest thing that ever happened to me and thats how in know this stuff is real. Please post. Thank you.

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