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Dark Entity

Jan 17, 2019

À year ago my partner (at the time)and daughter moved into 20 Goodsyard Close (Loughb). Everything was fine until our daughter Turned 3months old Then strange things started to occur. She would wake up most nights screaming in her cot. As soon as i butst into the room she would stop crying but stare at one corner of her room like someone was there. This carried on for about 4months not every night but it was happened quiet frequent. Then one night our electric circuits went haywire nd wé could smell burning So wé rang the fire service nd they immédiatley came out. To there amazment they could also smell the burning but couldnt fine the cause. Then thats When the dark entity made himself known to me. I heard my baby crying ran upstairs nd opened the door nd saw à mass of dark must in shape of à man over her cot. I Turner to shout my partner nd Turner the lights on nd he vanished. Then things just kept getting worse. Wé had à priest come to clense the house but he left as the entity wouldnt let him speak in her bedroom, objects started moving nd doors started opening on thier own. I was being attacked physically but no1 to be seen!!! But the activité stopped as soon as i confronted the entity. Wé have moved now but I still cant Forget the knightmares.

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