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Cradling Boy

Mar 25, 2011

in the early 90s,when i was 8, me and my family lived in a terraced house, then my brother was born and we shared a room for a while when he was a toddler until we moved to a bigger place any how, their used to be a baby monitor in the room, and when my brother started crying, my dad said for a long time he thought it was me craddling him back to sleep making delicate shhhhhing sounds and you could hear it clear as day down the monitor, but when my dad came up to check on him and probably to tell me to get some sleep he realised i was already fast away the way he had tucked me in, and i know full well it was never me making shhhhing sounds, their is other storeys from the same house about ghostly activity, including a description of a small child, my dad knew an old lady down the street in her 90s and she often spoke of activitys over the years of what happenend on the street and we lated found out a young boy had passed away in the 70s during a fire, make of it what you will but its very strange whether your a sceptic or not

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