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Collapsed Railway Tunnel

Apr 4, 2017

The collapsed railway tunnel under Church Hill in Richmond, Virginia has the distinction of being haunted not just by ghosts, but also by a vampire. The tunnel originally opened in 1873 but closed in 1902. It was in the 1920s, with a growth in both the city?s population and economy, that the local rail company decided to reopen the 1,200 meter (4,000 ft) tunnel.
It needed to be cleaned and reinforced before it was ready for use.On the afternoon of October 2, 1925, 200 men were working in the tunnel. They stood on flat cars, pulled by a steam locomotive, working on the tunnel?s roof. The ceiling above the locomotive collapsed, burying the train in rubble and clay near the western entrance. Steam squirted from the squashed boiler, scalding the train?s fireman. He was able to crawl out of the tunnel to the east, but he died of his injuries in the hospital.
The train?s driver came off even worse. He was found dead after an eight day rescue operation, buried in the cab. He was badly burnt and a lever was jammed into his chest. Record keeping was very informal, and most of the workmen were day laborers, but at least one other person was never recovered. The locomotive, and likely a few bodies, are still in the tunnel. It?s since been filled with sand and the entrances blocked with concrete.
Those near the tunnel have reported hearing a number of sounds. Voices saying ?get me out,? the sound of digging, and even the screech of locomotive wheels have all been reported. The Richmond Vampire, a famous resident of a nearby cemetery, is said to have feasted on the dead workers. Rescuers in the days after the collapse found him crouched over a body, before seeing his bloody fangs. They chased the vampire back to the crypt of a man that had died in 1922.That grave has since been padlocked, and the bodies inside have been removed.
It suggests an interesting scenario, though. If the Richmond Vampire did indeed feast on the blood of the trapped workers, then perhaps some of them turned. Could the noises people hear perhaps come not from ghosts, but from immortal vampires that have been waiting 90 years for their first drop of blood?

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