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Chimney Sweep Boy

Jun 1, 2010

when I was 10 yrs old.. I woke in the middle of the night to a boy standing at the bottom of my bed smiling, he was dressed in what I know now as a chimney sweep outfit.. but looked exactly like my brother who was about the same age at the time.. I remember speaking to the boy thinking it was my brother saying go back to bed Steven and why you wearing funny clothes?.. the boy just smiled and walked round to the side of my bed.. I kept telling him to go bed, eventually i woke my mother .. she came in to the room switched the light on and asked what was wrong? I said oh Steven woke me up!..but he’s gone now!..he hide when you turned the light on.. my mother checked on my brother and he was fast asleep in his pjs. . to this day I still remember the boy and am a true beliver. that was 20yrs ago and my mum and dad still live in that house and have had many paranormal happenings. . my mum says it doesn’t scare her as it feels like she’s being protected almost..

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