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Jun 15, 2014

When I was 11 yrs old we moved into an oldish house, everything was ok for a year of us moving into it.
One night as me and my two sisters went bed, I woke up to use the bathroom but as I looked towards the bedroom door, there in the door way stood a figure of a Cavalier in full costume, it frightened me at first so I shouted to my dad, no sooner I did that the figure dissapeard.
The following night same thing happend, this time I hid under the sheets and I could hear him moving around near the beds, (me and my Two sisters shared the same room).
The next few nights I kept seeing him, at one point he tucked my sisters sheets under her matteress, each occasion I told my sisters and my dad but all I got off of them was you have been dreaming and it’s all in your mind.
That Ghost was as real as the living.
After a number of years I told my story to a stranger, unknown to me she lived not far from where we lived and she had looked into the history of the area, and found out that in the days of old there was a pub what was used by the roundheads and this Cavalier got that drunk he ended up killed in a fight.
Our house was on route to the pub, he meant no harm apparently, he just wanted to make sure that we were safe in our beds.

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