• Sun. Jun 4th, 2023


Ghost pic.

Most convincing ghost picture ever taken?

It is claimed this image captured by photographer Mark Baker is one of the most convincing ghost images ever captured on camera. It was taken in Guilford, UK near Mount…

Pluckley Kent

Look at this picture as there is a horse and a woman holding a baby.

Ghost Passengers

This was captured while pulling into a small town we were investigating. The spirit in my backseat is a firefighter name Mike who died on this very road one week…

1983 Pic of Cat

thought you might like to see this pic of my cat taken in 1983

This seat is taken!

Can you see it?

Blue Shadow

Blue shadow to the right is unexplainable those people are walking along a rivers edge!

ghost face caught in window

this is what i believe is a ghostly face caught in window on one of my last investigations i did in northumberland,england

Slab in back garden

This is a slab in my back garden, I’ve lived here 7 year and honestly only seen it 3 weeks ago.

Asylum Ghost

Can somebody look at this pic, and tell me if they see a man with his arms folded in the centre? Its an old pic of an old abandoned mental…

Crawling Ghost

Took a picture of my kid and it looks like there is a ghost crawling across the floor!

Nursing Home Lady

The figure behind the girls is a lady we looked after in a nursing home that died in that exact spot a day before!! Same build etc x

Ghost in the Kitchen

In a haunted farmhouse, the owner of Spotted: Ghosts was randomly taking photos. This is what was found when looking through them.

The blur is her

This photo was taken in my dads girlfriends house about 8 years ago…. Her mum passed away in this room & the blurred face resembles hers.

Little Girl?

this is a photo of my cousin in a church in cornwall, when I zoomed in on here at the bottom I saw a grey figure. to me it looks…

Orbs in Kitchen

Hiya I am a carer for my grandma and I took these photos in her kitchen to find these orbs of light wondered if they are anything also the next…